Family Resource Center



Playgroup Dates for 2017-2018 

Working collaboratively to support the education and welfare of the students of the NICE Community School District has been a mission since its creation in 1972…and follows a tradition that existed in each of the communities that comprise the NICE Community School District for decades before.  That tradition continues today, as the NICE Community School District works to establish partnerships within the community.


The Family Resource Room, established in 1997, is an example of one such collaborative effort. The Family Resource Room at Aspen Ridge Elementary School assists the school and parents as they work to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of children and has had a significant effect on parental involvement in the education of the youth in our community for more than a decade.


Since its inception, the Family Resource Room has provided a place where families are welcomed to participate in children’s activities during the day and in the evening; making important information and services available to families; and creating an early and vital link between home and school. 


Among the programs and resources the Family Resource Center provides are:


Playgroup and Workshop Activities for Families


NICE Babies (A program which reaches out to families with newborns and invites them to be a part of the NICE Community School District in a positive way)


After-School Child Care


YMCA Link (Saturday and after-school programs)


Guest Speakers and Workshops (“Active Parenting of Teens”, “Helping Your Child Succeed in School”, “Strengthening Families”, “Proud Fathers”, etc.)


Public Access to Computers and Family Technology instruction


Access to a “Lending Library” (Resources include parenting books and videos, children books and videos, computer software, and toys)


Access to an “Information Center” (Bulletin boards and newsletters of activities and events);


Fundraisers and Recognition Activities (Friendship Luncheons, Teacher Appreciation Week, Volunteer Appreciation Week, “Share the Love” Day, Family Night, and Family Game Night)


All of these activities and accomplishments are a result of volunteers who work tirelessly in the Family Resource Room, in the school library, and in classrooms, supporting parents, families, and the community partner together to support the education and welfare of children in the district. 


The Family Resource Room is a shining example of our school’s commitment to parents and families and what can be accomplished when parents, staff and the community work toward common goals. If you would like more information regarding the resources available through the Family Resource Room, if you would like to volunteer, or if you would simply like a tour, please contact the Elementary School Office at 906-485-3175.