January 19, 2018


6th Grade:

Verville:  None

French:  Postcards

Corcoran:  None

Sladek:  p. 206 #8-20 all


7th Grade:

Sladek (Math):  Parallel & Perpendicular WS  7-2

Hyttinen (Math):   #1-18 pg. 315

French (History):  Alexander the Great

Crum (History):  Ancient Greece & map

Maki (Science):  None

Anderson (Lang Arts):  Anticipation Guide

Verville (Lang Arts):  Eye of the Beholder – Responses (Wed)


8th Grade:

Anderson (Lang Arts):  None

Johnson (Lang Arts):   4 paragraphs

Crum (History): None

Johnson (History): None

Jackson (Science):  None

Hyttinen (Math): 1/2: (1st, 3rd, 6th hours):  #7-9, 15-17, 41-42, 47-49 pg. 329-330

                                Alg: (2nd):  None

                                1/2: (7th):  #11-22 pg. 113

Corcoran:  None