Peanut Aware Food Ideas

Peanut Aware Food Ideas

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Below is a list of foods that do not contain peanut or tree nut products.

This list is not inclusive of all food products that do not contain peanut of tree nut products. If you have a question regarding any food item please consult your child’s teacher or the Principal.

Healthy Snacks

  • Fruits and Vegetables – Apples, Oranges, etc.
  • Applesauce Cups
  • Raisins and Craisins – Please, no yogurt or chocolate covered)
  • Fruit Cups
  • Fresh Vegetables with or without Dip

Cheese and Dairy

  • Yogurt or Pudding – Please, no pistachio or nuts
  • String Cheese, Cheese Cubes, Cheese Slices, Cottage Cheese
  • Kraft Handi-Snacks with Cheese or Mootown Snackers

Crackers and Grains

  • Triscuits, Cheese Nips, Saltines, Ritz Originals
  • Keebler Town House, Keebler Club Crackers, Gripz, Saltines
  • Cheez-Its
  • Brenton and Dare Crackers
  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Crackers and Snack Mix
  • Keebler or Nabisco Graham Crackers
  • Teddy Grahams
  • Keebler Bug Bites or Scooby-Doo Graham Sticks
  • Keebler Vanilla Wafers
  • Cereal – Please, no nut crunch or yogurt crunch
  • Frito Lay Rold Gold Pretzels
  • Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars or Yogurt Bars
  • Lenders Bagels
  • Special K Bars
  • Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips


  • Doritos
  • Cheetos
  • Ruffles
  • Prepackaged Original Rice Krispie Brand Treats
  • Keebler Fudge Stripe Shortbread Cookies, EL Fudge Sandwich Cookies, Mint Grasshopper Cookies
  • Betty Crocker, Kellogg’s, or Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Bryan DeAugustine at Aspen Ridge School. (906) 485-3175 or

Food items made/processed in a facility and containing trace amounts are allowed; however should not be brought in for the purpose of sharing (i.e. birthday party treats) in 1st and 2nd Grade.